Carnival Wristbands

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Carnival Wristband


Fair Week Carnival Ride Pricing


Sunday,  June 21: $

Monday, June 22: $

Tuesday, June 23: $

 Wednesday, June 24: $18.00 per armband- all day.

 Thursday, June 25: $18.00 per armband.

 Friday, June 26: $12.00 per armband- all day. KIDS DAY

 Saturday, June 27: $18.00 per armband.


Amusements exciting rides. The  old time favorite Star Trooper and run the hanging bridge Raiders. The Expo Wheel is a chance to sit and relax. Fun for the whole family, you get to get up off the ground and see the fair carnival or event in a different way, from the top.   One of the fastest sleigh rides you'll ever take up and down the mountains.