Maple Leaf Amusements

Early Bird Carnival Wristbands

On Sale: March 1 

New this year Available to everyone!

Early Bird Carnival Wristband


Fair Week Carnival Ride Pricing


Tuesday, June 25th: $10.00 for 10 rides!  (5-10pm)


Wednesday, June 26th: $18.00 per armband- all day.


Thursday, June 27th: $18.00 per armband.


Friday, June 28th: $12.00 per armband- all day. KIDS DAY


Saturday, June 29th : $18.00 per armband.


Maple Leaf Amusements have added exciting rides. The newest rides are the fast moving Crazy Surf, old time favorite Star Trooper and run the hanging bridge Raiders. The Expo Wheel is a chance to sit and relax. Fun for the whole family, you get to get up off the ground and see the fair carnival or event in a different way, from the top.  Last but not least the Himalaya. One of the fastest sleigh rides you'll ever take up and down the mountains. Cruising through the countryside cooling off on the Himalaya on a hot summer day. Who wants to go faster.