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2021 Fair Information

Daily Pass Fair Parking $5


Week Pass Fair Parking $15

Award Sponsorship Opportunities for the 2021 Montcalm County Fair, June 20-26.

Please click link for more information! CLICK HERE


CHANGE FOR Swine Exhibitors this year.

2021 Fair only, exhibitors will be allowed to keep one overweight or underweight swine for showmanship if they do not have another marketable animal. The swine must be sold by private agreement. Buyer forms and $5.00 for trucking must be turned in to the livestock office by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, June 22nd. 

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Record books will not be required for show or sale for 2021 Fair, however, they will still be judged should a youth choose to submit a record book and in the event that a superintendent (ie. Poultry) chooses to require a record book for a class, a record book will need to be presented for that class to receive points.
2021 Buyer Brochure_2 (2).pdf
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Still Exhibit judging will be held on June 19th from 9 a.m. till 1 p.m. in the livestock arena.


Everyone can bring still exhibits and did NOT need to be signed up for judging. Judges will be available for all categories listed in the fairbook.



Each exhibitor will be given a judging sheet day of still exhibit judging to track their ribbons. If you want your awards reported in the paper, you will be responsible for dropping that form off after still exhibit judging is done. 


If you are planning to sell in the Still Exhibit Auction a description of your item needs to be e-mailed to Michelle Nitengale ( by June 15th at 5  p.m. to make the sale bill. We will be selecting the order randomly and printing these ahead of time.  If there is no description, it will go in the sale bill as whatever you put in Showorks.  



  • “It was discussed and decided that ALL Still Exhibits will be on display in the Ash Building during the week of Fair as normally done.  Displayed by “project area” similar to open shows at various fairs. There will be no club booths.  Superintendent Brad Heft and Tammi Jahnke will set up the display area on Friday June 18th at 6pm.  Mary Newman offered some table cloths she has available.  Volunteers to help Brad and Tammi would be welcomed.”

2021 Montcalm County Fair is fast approaching.    PLEASE NOTE THAT LOCATIONS ON FAIR SCHEDULE ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.


Showorks will be open  May 21st till May 31st for registration at this link:


Please read through the 2021 Montcalm County Fair Tips to find out which still exhibits need to be entered.


Attached are the following files:

2021 Montcalm County Fair Tips - helps with information that needs to go into Showorks

2021 Livestock Information - specific livestock information for each species

2021 Modified Horses - some class numbers had to change for horses so please use this when registering for horse classes

Add a Bid Form - the add a bid form for livestock auction participants

2021 Schedule - **Subject to change in time and location


YQCA is due by May 31st for those exhibitors selling livestock. Please put number into Showorks and e-mail certificate to


All exhibitors are required to do 2 hours of service at the fairgrounds. Contact Jason Nadeau for information on that.


Questions about Showorks should be directed to Please allow 24 hours for response. Volunteers have a family and work too!


Looking forward to a wonderful 2021 fair!!!

Montcalm County Fair Association

Add A Bid Form (5).pdf
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2021 Livestock Information.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 51.6 KB
2021 Montcalm County Fair Tips.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 71.1 KB
2021 Modified Horses.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 113.5 KB
2021 Youth Fair Schedule.pdf
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REVISED 050321-Montcalm County Fair 2021
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SHOWORKS registrations for fair will open May 21st and run till May 31st.  Please let people know that they will not receive an e-mail about this and will need to check these sites for further information.


Youth Two hour Community Services hours and Volunteers

 We need adult and youth volunteers to help make each year be the best fair. There is always ways you can help at the fairgrounds. Please let the fair office know if you will be on the grounds in case there is a scheduled event. Contact #616-754-7884

Please record your name/club, cleaning activities and hours spent to Jason Nadeau at the following email. EMAIL:


Fair Association Membership

Donors and Sponsorship's


The Montcalm County 4-H Fair is successful because of the amazing support from our local community.

Becoming part of the support is easy and ensures the long term sustainability of the fair.

This year there are several sponsorship opportunities available which are found by clicking the following link.

Donation and Sponsorship.


Thank You for your support of Montcalm County's 4-H Program and Fair Association!